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                                                              MISSION GO INTO ALL NATIONS






Since 1990 Pastor Bweyinda and Massajja Redeemed Church of Christ has been involved in so many evangelical activities out side and within Uganda. In early 90s a 6year old boy launched a three year Kampala Take-over Crusades; the young preacher and with his mom preached all over Owino currently St Balikudembe Market-the largest Vendors Market in East & Central Africa with over 160,000 registered workers. In this campaign tens of thousands of women and young men who were moved by a 6 six year old preacher confessed Jesus and got baptized.

Within the same years, together with the mother walked with a piano singing and preaching on the streets of Kampala City where we faced angry Moslems who seemed to be offended with the truth of the massage but a few years latter the whole Uganda knew Pastor Bweyinda's name as the youngest preacher and singer ever when this commission captured eyes of the journalists and mobs.


The Redeemed Evangelical Ministry has since extended to small and big towns and villages. The islanders and fish mongers have accepted Jesus in islands like Lyababana Ssese, L.Victoria and in fact I remember the devil at one time attempted to capsize the boat we were in with might waves storms in heavy rains at the time were coming from islands a massive crusade that brought many fisher men and there women and children to crusade.

The recent crusades that have attracted masses have been Lift Jesus Crusade and Masajja for Jesus on Busabara Rd were we have burnt charms and seen sex workers surrendering there lives to Jesus.

The Team at the Church can’t go unmentioned while tackling the success of these crusades. we must appreciate the Redeemed Worship& Praising Team, Choir, Instrumentalists and children involvement in fishing souls; they have all done a tremendous work-God bless them!


Besides this Rwanda, Kenya, United Sates,South Africa,United Arab Emirates, Southern Sudan & Sweden have meanwhile been areas where our evangelical mission has extended.  We look forward of taking this to another level.